WoodWorker's Journal contacted me about doing an article of my work in their December 2016 Magazine Edition. The article, written by staff writer Joanna Werch, includes my thoughts on my Sculptured Furniture, Segmented turnings, and the changes in my woodworking focus and creative passions over time. View the complete article online.

WoodWorker's Journal WoodWorking Article

Walnut Rocking Chair

Photos of my newest rocking chair. The wood is Claro Walnut with a little Maple accent in the rocker. This is the beginning of a line of chairs that I am producing and are inspired by the late Sam Maloof.

Custom Walnut Rocking Chair

Dropleaf Walnut Table

I've been pretty busy in my shop and am just now getting around to posting my latest table. It was designed for a specific place in my clients home. It needs to double as a sofa table and be used as an extra dining table for those large family gatherings. Therefore, it became a dropleaf table with a gate leg feature for stability. The wood is Bastogne Walnut that I harvested myself a few years ago. It has a Curly Maple inset.

Custom Wood Dropleaf Table


I created this piece for a client with very specific needs and space requirements. It is built entirely of American Cherry with Wenge drawer and door pulls inside and out. I used no cheap filler woods inside. The drawers (10 in all) are Cherry with hand-cut dovetails. All wiring is hidden in chases built in. The exterior panels and doors are assembled in an alternating wedge orientation in two different directions, creating what appears to me to be a mid century modern design. Some of the details are a nod to the Greene and Greene brothers but in no way is it a G&G reproduction. At first glance it looks to be fairly simple and straight forward, and by design, looks are deceiving.

Custom Wood Entertainment Console

Almond firewood for woodturning vessels
Almond wood cut into shapes for turning
Custom Almond wood vessel
Almond wood vessels for CA Almond Grower's Society
Almond woodturning vessels
Almond woodturning vessels
Almond woodturning vessels
Almond woodturning vessels


Here's a little photo pictorial of my latest completed project -- I was asked to create some small nut bowls as a part of the gift package for the participants at the Almond Growers retreat. The only real requirement was that they be made of Almond wood. That created a series of challenges in that on short notice, the only Almond wood available to me was firewood. Because of the nature of firewood only very small pieces could be salvaged. Some of the wood is pristine and much of it is not. However, the very nature of wood, whatever it's condition, has a beauty that we all can appreciate.

Each of the bowls are similarly constructed, yet each is individually handcrafted, and therefore unique. The upper and lower sections of the bowls are made of Almond wood and the middle section is made of Walnut wood that was harvested from an orchard North of Sacramento.


Sacramento Magazine contacted me about doing an article of my work in the April edition of their magazine. While many of their questions are on the silly side, there is some information about tool selection.

Sacramento Magazine Woodworking Article