Woodworker Gene Kelly in Workshop
Woodworker Gene Kelly using tools in Workshop
Woodworker Gene Kelly displaying woodturning
Woodworker Gene Kelly in Workshop with tools displayed
Woodworker Gene Kelly in Workshop
Woodworker Gene Kelly in Workshop with Violin

My functional wood art has been featured at Gallery M in Half Moon Bay and at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. If you have questions or are interested in a design I would love to hear from you.



My interest in woodworking was sparked at an early age, and I began using tools actively while taking wood-shop while in Junior High School in the Los Angeles area. In the search for guidance in all things woodworking I have come across several people that have served as mentors, some knowingly and others unknowingly -- the unknowing ones have been in the form of the many books and videos that I have devoured over the course of the last 45 years.

My interests in wood reach across the spectrum of the art form to include wood turning, with a special interest in segmented turned artifacts; furniture design and construction; sculpture; and carving. Most of what I have offered for sale has been designed and created through my imagination; however, I welcome the collaboration that generally accompanies the direct commission. I am currently licensed as a General Contractor in the State of California. In this capacity I have enjoyed designing and constructing custom homes, kitchens, full walk-in closets, and wine cellars/rooms.